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Ecrux provides the ability to create software using a dynamically scalable and often virtualised resources provided as a service over the internet.  Incorporating SaaS, Web 2.0 and other recent, well-known technology trends, the idea is to provide reliable software solutions over the internet while continuing to satisfy the computing needs and requirements of the end user. 

What we do is no different to what Google have done with Google Apps.  We provide common business Cloud Computings online that are accessed from a web browser, while the data and software are stored on Ecrux servers (or any server of your choice).

Take for example, our client was storing terabytes worth of data and always running out of hardware capacity to handle such data.  Not only did we help organise their data to be more efficient and reduce redundant data, we provided them a solution which expands based on the amount of storage they require (hence elastic).

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