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Ecrux' mission is to understand what our clients want and transform this into a solution leveraging the most suited technology.

As a first step to fulfilling that mission, Ecrux' founder Mitesh Patel has developed an approach that doesn't restrict Ecrux to a limited technology skill set.  What this means is this: any project Ecrux undertakes will use the best suited technology and have the best suited developers assigned.

Ecrux is now renowned for its ability to impartially use the best suited technology for a business problem.  Our mission has quickly helped our clients around the globe.  Ecrux is now widely recognised as a professional and talented software development and consulting company.

We don’t just provide software, we provide a solution.  That means we provide an end to end offering leaving nothing out.  Our approach is simple and effective; we start by understanding our clients’ business model and how they operate.  We do this free of cost.  To book a free consultation, please fill out the form here.

Once we understand your business, we identify ways to improve your business process.  We then determine whether this can be done by adding features to your existing software, or creating a new application.


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