Ground Transportation Services

Ground Transportation Services

The Requirement

Ground Transportation Services deal primarily with offering transportation services in the Eastern Region of the US.  GTS had a legacy system using MS Access to keep track of their vehicles, insurances, license plates and mileage.  Several employees were using the access database on their local machines thus having different data on different machines.  GTS faced problems because data was being replicated on different machines and inconsistent throughout the organisation. 

The Solution

Visual Basic .NET
SQL Server

We initially provided consulting to the Ground Transportation Services to understand their business processes before we architected a solution.  We identified the inconsistencies in data and worked out a way to ensure this problem doesn't happen again. 

We redesigned the application using a client-server architecture.  We utilised the .Net platform for this project as the company is predominantly Microsoft-technology based. Our solution offered many more features, integrated all the departments and was much more reliable and designed with data redundancy in mind. We also transferred the old database to the new one and helped migrating all information.

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