Predictive Text Easy Reading

Predictive Text Easy Reading

The Requirement

An application which assists teachers in helping students learn how to read.  The client required a predictive text algorithm that provides a selection of words in different colours depending on the pronunciations.  The client also required some predictions to be expressed graphically or have a graphical icon displayed above a letter in superscript style.  A dictionary of words was supplied initially and we also provided the ability to upload additional words easily so a database of words can be built up. 

The idea is to generate worksheets from the algorithms which students can work on and can be marked by the teachers as an aid to their teaching methods. 

The Solution

MS SQL Server
Complex algorithms

By developing a bespoke HTML workspace and complex algorithms, we were able to allow text, graphics and superscript to be entered in full paragraphs.  Our algorithms determine the pronunciation of words and then assign graphics and superscript to the relevant letters.  We also allowed teachers to upload new words and automatically assign the graphics and superscript to the relevant letters.  We then provided functionality to generate worksheets so teachers can print these off and use them to aid their students in learning to read based on mnemonics.  The application also incorporates suggestive text so users don't have to type a full word each time.

The way in which we architected this application means we are able to add additional features, modules and subjects easily and efficiently.

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