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Ecrux Conference

The Requirement

While conducting business on a day to day basis, we quickly found that using a remote desktop and conferencing solution helped communicate with clients easily and efficiently.  There are many solutions in the market but we always had problems using these products; whether it was on our end or our clients faced glitches.  This obviously wastes time and doesn't provide the professionalism a company needs.  Developing our own solution meant that we can have a handle on issues and resolve them immediately without affecting the client experience.  Further, we wanted a solution which handles large bandwidth demands and this isn't something readily available in the market. 

The Solution

Flash Communications Server
Elastic Computing

Instant Messenger Chat
Audio Chat
Video Chat
VOIP (Soft Phone)
Screen Sharing
Record Conference
Many More

Providing all the same features of any web conferencing solution, Ecrux' conference technology takes conferencing to the next level by incorporating elastic computing.  By doing this, we ensured we never experience glitches, freezing and other issues apparent in existing web conferencing solutions because we are able to expand the bandwidth dynamically.

The program receives and processes stock market data. It receives and processes signals from a separate server and send futures trading orders to brokers via RSS feeds. It allows the users to subscribe to a large number of signals and create portfolios from them.

The application shows the market data in a presentable format; in graphs, charts and dashboards.

State of the art technologies like socket programming, remote communication, XML/RSS feeds and distributed architecture were used to create this high performance application.

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