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We stand alone in our focus on developing the "perfect software solution," defined by founder Mitesh as, "a system that fulfils your needs and gives you back exactly what you want in the quickest time." To that end, we have persistently pursued innovation and refused to accept the limitations of existing models.

From the beginning, our developers recognized that providing the fastest, most accurate system required a new kind of server setup. Whereas most companies deploy a handful of large servers that often slow under peak loads, we employ linked PCs to quicken the process. The innovation has paid off in faster response times, greater scalability and lower costs. It's an idea that others have since copied, while we have continued to refine our back-end technology to make it even more efficient.

We have defined a number of criteria to help us determine what technology is best for your project based on our industry expertise and standards.  Whether it’s .NET, JAVA, PHP, C/C++ or even machine language, we assign the best resource and select the best technology suited to the project.

Our innovations don't stop at the web and the desktop. To give people access to the information they need, whenever and wherever they need it, we continue to develop new mobile applications and services that are more accessible and customizable. And we're partnering with industry-leading carriers and device manufacturers to deliver these innovative services globally. We're working with many of these industry leaders through the Open Handset Alliance to develop Android applications, the first complete, open, and free mobile platform, which will offer people a less expensive and better mobile experience.


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