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As with its processes, Ecrux has chosen to ignore conventional wisdom in designing its business. The company started from grass-root without any major investment. It grew to a respectable size and was acquired in 2007. While competitors spent millions on marketing campaigns to “build brand”, Ecrux focussed instead on quietly building its core services and processes.

The word quickly spread from one satisfied client to another and this was backed by successful cutting edge systems which either gave a substantial ROI or secured investment.
With superior processes in place and a high volume of clients, Ecrux managers identified two initial opportunities for generating revenue: scalable computing and software as a service.

Ecrux continues to think about ways in which technology can improve upon existing ways of doing business. New areas are explored and ideas prototyped to make them more useful to our clients. However, no matter how distant Ecrux’ business model grows from its origins, the root remains providing useful and relevant systems to those who are the most important part of the ecosystem – the millions of individuals and businesses around the world who rely on our development expertise to their business problems.

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